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About Owl-Eyes:
The Owl-Eyes is an Alternative Rock Experience. Lovingly referring to his sound as “Glam Grunge,” The Owl-Eyes is the pre-established solo project of Ethan Paul Teel, who has a history of recordings and playing live in multiple bands (and playing everything from Jazz to Metal and Country) and is looking to follow in the footsteps of Foo Fighter’s frontman Dave Grohl, and turn the solo-act into a band. The Owl-Eyes’ debut EP “Wild Child” and the sophomore release “Schizo Girlfriend,” mixes all sorts of genres of music. Hard to believe that it all comes from one man. All instruments heard on the two EP’s is performed live in the studio by Ethan. Since moving to Saint Paul in the fall of 2014, Ethan only had one objective on his mind: find the best GD performers out there; and cultivate a crew. Ethan has expressed his love and passion for all types of music and experiments with everything: from pop, jazz, alternative, hip-hop, punk, heavy metal, funk…….So naturally, a man with a diverse taste in music deserves a diverse group of guys to back him up.
And here are those diverse group of guys…..

 Zakh Peterson: Drums
Codename: “The Pulse.”
Zakh's Photo

Chris Miller: Guitar and Back-Up Vox
Codename: The Lotus. 

Catch us if you can. 😛
Appearances will be posted on the website when available.
Psychedelic and Psychotic: We are The Owl-Eyes. Everything else falls short.
Twitter: @Owl_Eyes1995