Blue V poster

Well, it’s been awhile. Let just break it down.

In short we’ve had two successful shows this past month and we’ll be releasing our next single for the album fairly soon. We will also be experiencing a lineup change sometime next year. More details to come from that.

Here’s the long version: we had a show at The Acadia (local favorite of ours) with our Good Friends at Like Trees & it was our fist show of this year. Took forever, but it finally happened! And it went off without a hitch! Our second show was at Can Can Wonderland the next day….and my God, I found my Nirvana. Any place that serves Jameson & Coke while you can play Wack-A-Mole & Mini-Golf whilst simultaneously supporting local artists is #1 in my book!

In between all that, I got a 2nd job as a part-time drumming instructor at School of Rock in Eden Prairie, MN. It took forever because, while I do have the chops – I hadn’t had much experience in teaching rather than performing. However, after a few lesson role-plays, I was able to successfully convince the school of my dedication and skills. I am so excited to impart my passion and music knowledge to up-and-comers.

IN BETWEEN ALL OF THAT, we got more shows coming up (more details to come on that when everything gets finalized) & I got some just recent secret news that may lead to a slight  line-up change next year. Again, I don’t really feel comfortable about it but it has been something that has been delaying posts on this website. When I have more details, I’ll post here.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos we have taken back last week for promotion of Hallelujah Hysteria. One of these photos will be the back cover for the album; another will be the insert sleeve. Can you guess which one? 😛

Photo 1 Photo 10 Photo 9 Photo 8 Photo 7 Photo 6 Photo 5 Photo 4 Photo 3 Photo 2

With many regards,

The Owl-Eyes.