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It is with great disappointment that I must announced our debut album, Hallelujah Hysteria, will not be released on the plan released date of February 15th.

Rather, we are focusing our sites towards April or May of this year – to secure a better possibility of press coverage. Singles for December and January have officially dropped on Bandcamp, and links to stream are available below.

Once we have secured a venue for the record release show, we will announce it accordingly. While it sucks that plans have changed….you know the saying, “A man plans and God laughs.” 

So in that spirit, heed not our delay. The Owl-Eyes still plan on melting faces, and we will have our album out this year – even if it kills me.

In the meantime, this is Skye:

And this is This is Gonna Suck:

Yes, I know how familiar this logo is to a particular-kind of symbol. The idea behind it is a message that is supremely strong within the context of the album, – that our modern system of capitalism is just as repugnantly repressive and arrogant as the Fascism WWII-era Nazi’s displayed and employed; we just don’t see it that way because our society has chose to idolize this self-centered behavior – of getting what you want, when you want, regardless of whomever you may harm in the process….


…but then again what do I know? I’m just your friendly neighborhood musician keeping his head above water.




With many regards,

Ethan P. Teel