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New Songs, New Shows

And that’s the way The Owl-Eyes rolls…

“Long time no see,” as the saying goes. My last update was way back in April. Some would say that I’ve been busy; others would say that I’m just a lazy bum. I tend to go with the former. Anyways, I got some great news.


That’s right: on my Soundcloud and posted on Facebook, I have 1 and a half new songs for you just to sit back, listen to, and have fun with.

The first is my first venture into techno/electronic music territory – “Life is But a Dream.” 

The song was Produced by MADD OSO and Alex Thicke at the McNally Smith studios on campus. Some of it was also just recorded through Appleton in MADD OSO’s Dorm room setup. CHECK HIM OUT! He makes amazing music.


Guest Vocals were provided by Charlott Johnson. Recorded in the McNally Smith studios. I can’t thank his woman enough for helping out.

I also want to send a special shout out to the other producer Alex Thicke for picking up the slack when me and Oso got slammed with work around finals week. COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU BUDDY!!

The second song is a tribute to The Beatles. Sadly, I can only give you a taste of what the final product will be as I am saving it for my Debut LP. Gotta build the suspense. :PBut don’t worry, a minute long preview should give you some dank goodness.This is “Cigarettes and Dead Daydreams.”

Produced by Elijah Deaton-Berg at The McNally Smith studios as well: fully recorded in McNally Smith this time. Back to basic – I’m on all the instruments you here. Drum solo=me. Bass solo=me. Guitar and vocals= …… you know the pattern by now. LOL.

In Other News, I’m finally drumming in a local giging band. Their name is “TimIsARocker,” and they play a combination of classic rock/punk with pop-hooks and fantastic musicianship. Check them out on Facebook here: ->

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