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Off our Debut Album, “Hallelujah Hysteria,” to be released February 15th of 2019. More singles to come. :) This song was written and recorded during the peak of media coverage and political paranoia for the presidential 2016 campaign. I wrote this as a “what if,” scenario – and unfortunately – that “what if,” became a “now what.” At this point, all we can do is write about it, and that is when “Hallelujah Hysteria,” was born.


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Recorded and Mixed @ Cloverleaf Audio & Visual – St.Paul, MN. Produced by: Matt Oso and Ethan Teel Engineered by: Matt Oso Composed and Performed by: The Owl-Eyes (AKA – Ethan P. Teel) Mastered by Greg Rierson @ Rareform Mastering (Minneapolis, MN)