It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so as a result certain things didn’t come out entirely as expected. Some strange audio distortion here and there. Idk why; the settings haven’t been changed since the last one. But whatever! 😛

The reason I chose this song is because it’s one of my favorite Nirvana jams that the general public doesn’t know about. It’s also one of Dave Grohl’s first attempts at writing music. It’s such a strange little jam and it also provided the opportunity for me to try and work with harmonizing vocals on my one man bands.

It’s catchy, it’s strange, it’s alt, and it’s Nirvana! Love it to death, and now here it is done up in a ONE MAN BAND STYLE!

I’m expecting to do a new video at least once a week. My schedule is so crazy though that this may now come out as expected. Hopefully you guys keep checking in and we see something positive together in the future.

with regards,

Ethan: AKA Owl-Eyes.